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anoas bay couple is found after they were thought to be missing for month in peru. what we are learning from family and friends. i am frank summerville. we begin with breaking news out of santa cruz where there are reports that three people have been shot. according to the santa cruz sential one of the people involved play be a police officer. this happened at a home about 3:30 this afternoon. according to reports while police were there investigating the first scene, a gun fight broke out in the 100 block of doyre street. police are looking for a white four-door honda or toyota leaving the scene. they are also looking for two male suspects. we have both news chopper 2 and a ground crew on the way to santa cruz.
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now, to a story we have been following for you since sunday. a bay area couple missing in peru has been found. they say they didn't even realize their loved ones here were starting to get frantic and beginning to fear the worse. also, christian, what happened when you went to their family's house today? >> reporter: we are here at the family home right now. you can see this is, in fact, the family home where we've been receiving updates. we visited just last night to conduct this story. the family did not answer the door, but we did receive a statement. garrett hand's mother left a statement. let me reiterate until we have proof. we cannot celebrate. proof of life is my son's voice on the phone and a picture of him. garrett and his girlfriend jamie neal were on a bike expedition in peru and had been updating family regularly by internet but that all stopped january 25th. family and friends were concerned they had been
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kidnapped or had an accident. jamie neal works at a bike shop. they were on a boat in a remote part of the country with little internet or mobile phone access. he says when the authorities found them, the couple never knew their family and friend where is worried. >> from my understanding the police embarked on the boat probably at a stop, like a taxi kind of boat. police were probably waiting for them and then they gone boat and rushed over and said show us your i .d.s. when they showed them, they were startled that they were even being looked for. >> reporter: here at the family home, they are hoping they will hear from the couple. we are hearing the couple should be in an area where they can either receive internet or possibly even mobile phone access as early as tomorrow. we will continue to follow this story here and bring you the very latest at 6:00 with more
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on what the friends heard about that encounter in peru. we are live here in concord. christian kaplan ktvu channel 2. pleasantton, police are matting the death of a man whose body was found in a garbage. it was discovered about 11:45 this morning at the recycling center on bush road. news chopper 2 flewover heads investigators and police were looking for evidence. so far there is no word on the man's name or how he died. the coast guard has suspended it search for four people who apparently abandon tear sailboat two days ago. eric rasmussen continues our coverage where coast guard officials acknowledge there is a possibility they maybe dealing with a hoax. eric. >> reporter: commander here said they are pursuing every avenue to find out what happened. the bottom line is they found no evidence of a boat or a missing persons report for the
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people who made a radio disstress call from the water own sunday. >> two days of searching. 20,000 square miles covered by air and sea turned up no sign of missing sailboat or the family on board who made a call for help sunday amp. >> coast guard here. abandoning a ship. >> while the coast guard stopped short of declaring that radio call a hoax, they have been unable to identify the man who said he was with his wife, 4-year-old son and his cousin. >> when you don't have anything to go by, it makes it frustrating. there is no confirmed name. no one has come forward to say hey, my family is missing. >> frankly i hope it is a hoax. i hope these people didn't go down and have a terrifying experience and end up diagnose. >> this is a boat owner and yacht broker. even without some of the radar, gps and other equipment he
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showed us, he says it is strange the coast guard wasn't able to find any evidence of the missing family or their sailboat. >> pretty rare when you just disappear in a boat. at least you have an oil slick. at least you have stuff, debris floats out of the boat. >> reporter: the coast guard told us hundreds of people were involved in this search which likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. now, if this case turns out to be a hoax, it wouldn't be the first. live,eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments tonight. las vegas police are now looking for a female person of interest in that shooting that sparked a firey crash and killed three people last week. police say a 22-year-old was in the car with harris who is the suspected gunman. police say howard also has a history of prostitution. you can see the two of them pictured here. police say harris shot and
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killed kenneth sherry jr. he and the driver and a tour isseid. an overmight standoff in oakland that ended -- overnight standoff that ended just before dawn. s.w.a.t. shut down surrounding streets about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police say they tracked potential suspects involved in an earlier shoot out. no one was hurt in yesterday's gunfire but police now tell us that the incident may be linked to a series of deadly shootings between two rival gangs. at one point authorities served a serge warrant before the standoff finally ended about 5:30 this morning. two people are now in consist dane police have detained several others for questioning. police are looking for a hit and run driver. officers say the victim was hit when she was crossing the street. happened about 1:00 a.m. the woman died about one hour later at the hospital.
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a man familiar with the neighborhood told us visibility is poor at night in that area. >> a lot of these lights don't work. the reflecters in the road, they should have those fixed also. >> police haven't released the victim's name. they say the suspect was driving a dark colored vehicle. a 40-year-old san mateo rafael man was hurt this morning when he was hit by a bus. authorities say he drove his toyota pickup truck into the fast lane in front of the bus. the bus driver slammed on the brakes but couldn't avoid a rear end collision. the victim was taken to a hospital. looking for a 29-year-old woman missing since last tuesday. family members say she left for a job interview tuesday afternoon and never returned. they also say she is naive. what they are is concerned that she may be being manipulated or taken advantage of by stranger. hayward police have now been notified about the case.
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>> we haven't found anything specific that leads us to believe she is the victim of any crime or foul play, but it doesn't lessen the concern for the family or for us either. >> family members say they searched but the search came up empty. they are asking anyone with information to please call the layward police. family of a teen found dead in hayward now increase the reward. the 19-year-old was found dead november '7ed of last year in an abandoned auto repair shop. his family is now offering a $3,000 reward leading tonight arrest and conviction. authorities say they are treating this case as a homicide. the man who was accused of killing an activist is back in custody tonight for another case. he had been released on his own recognizance about three weeks ago. ed to a judge ordered him back
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to jail. a defense attorney had given wrong information about how much time he had served for a weapons charges case. this comes as the district attorney is appealing a ruling that dismissed murder charges against him for the 2010 shooting death of david lewis at the shopping center. happening now, about a dozen people are marking one year since the killing of the 17-year-old trayvon martin which sparked controversy across the country. we are bringing you our live pictures from oakland. the unarmed teen was killed in florida on his way home from the store by a neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. there are about a dozen people. it is scheduled to go until 6:00 tonight. you will remember this case received national attention and ignited debate on gun control, race and stand your ground laws. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder and says martin attacked him first and that he was acting in
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self-defense. a major deadline is looming as mandatory budget cuts get ready to hit the federal government this friday if no last-minute deal is made. lawmakers warn you could be paying the price shortly thereafter. >> as the mandatory budget clock ticks plenty of people are sounding the alarm. >> there is going to be pain and the american people will be left safe. >> it would be a drag on your economic recovery. >> warnings in washington and warnings nationwide about the potential impact of $85 billion enforced across the board budget cuts. >> we are all holding our breath hoping they don't cut elderly nutrition programs. >> fewer meals on wheels in wisconsin. fewer starts for head start kids in iowa. >> becomes very hard to look at family and go, sorry, got today. >> fewer federal dollars to support california jobs. >> in san diego, we have one in five people who are working for the government in one shape or
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form. >> these cuts are rock. >> president obama went to virginia country to blame it on conservative republicans. >> there are too many republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise an inch when it comes to closing tax loopholes. >> i don't think the president is focused on finding a solution to the sequester. >> house speaker boehner criticized the president and blamed is that the democrats in memorable language. >> we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> there is more talk of the cut's impact than of last dip ditch solutions to avert them. in washington, emilie submit, ktvu news. >> in anticipation of the budget cuts, the department of homeland security has started releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants held in local jails.
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defense secretary says there is only so much i can do. i'm supposed to have 4,000 detention beds for 'em game huh do i pay for those. the cuts are set to take effect on friday. the effects of the sequester will also be felt closer to home. ahead at 5:30, ktvu continues coverage. john will take us behind the numbers and show us some of the real people who could actually be affected. it's official, chuck hagel will be our next defense secretary. senate voted to approve the former two-term republican senator from nebraska. most republicans oppose the move saying he was overly critical of israel. but in the end four republicans joined democrats in backing president obama's nominee. hagel will succeed pineta who is stepping down after four years. san francisco mayor ed lee introduced a replacement for out going supervisor carmen chu
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today. >> secretary of state following hillary clinton, i have big heels to fill. >> the mayor appointed carmen chu's long time legislative aid to tang over as the new supervisor for district 4. mayor lee said he made the decision after talking to people in the outer sun set district and other candidates. >> came to the conclusion that we have one of the finest, smartest legislative aids, someone who knows city hall, knows the workings of the board. >> mayor lee is giving her a new role as the city's assessor recorder. she will be sworn in tomorrow. the results of an exclusive ktvu poll on california's support for the legalization of
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marijuana for recreational use. back in 1969 just 13% of voters supported marijuana legalization. ahead at 6:00 we'll look into how voters felt about medical marijuana dispensaries in their community. beer drinkers all across the country are suing busch for what they claim is watered down beer. a lawyer for the class action suit says the information comes from employees who say the alcohol content was reduced 3 to 8%. busch makes budweiser, michelob and other brands and says these allegations are boundless. republicans do an about face. this married couple could not be happier. we had some mid 70s today. how warm is it going to get tomorrow? i will have the complete forecast back here in just 10
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presidents. an update on that breaking news we told you about. new information that two police officers may have been shot in santa cruz.
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now to our break news we brought you at the beginning of this newscast. the shooting in santa cruz. there are reports that three people have been shot. now we're learning that may include two police officers. police were responding to the first location at a home. what we're giving you here is live view from news chopper 2 of that area. it appears this street may be closed down. we understand that while police were at that home, a gun fight broke out not far away close to a whole foods grocery store. according to reports, the fbi, santa cruz county sheriff's department along with local agencies are all helping in this investigation.
5:18 pm
we know there is a preschool in the area and it is locked down. employees say all the students there are safe. at this point police are looking for a white four door honda or toyota that was seen leaving the scene along with two male suspects. again, news chopper 2 is overhead giving us these live pictures of a scene with an awful lot of police presence. we are also sending a ground crew. as soon as our reporter makes it to the scene, we will bring you new details. it is a stunning case of switching sides. the new york times is reporting that dozens of prominent republicans have changed their minds about same sex marriage. ktvu's rita williams is in san mateo pan tonight and tells us -- san francisco and tells us why the timing is different. rita. >> reporter: one side battled the timing could not be better. >> we are legally married, but our wedding vows won't be
5:19 pm
fulfilled until we have marriage equality in this country, and we believe that day is coming very soon. >> theirs was one of some 18,000 legal marriages performed in san mateo -- san francisco in 2008. today they hope the republicans might tip the balance for same sex mar and in two cases now before the supreme court. >> i really got goosebumps. >> they were origin fall plaintiffs in the case that rent -- original plaintiffs in the california case upholding same sex. then along came proposition 8 banning those mar annals. >> we are celebrate 26 years together next month, just a week before the u.s. supreme court's historic hearing. >> the new york times revealed today that at least 75 high profile republicans are joining together to sign a brief in support of same sex marriage.
5:20 pm
former republican presidential candidate and former utah governor john huntsman did an about face writing, quote, the party of lincoln should stand with our best tradition of equality and support full civil marriage for all americans. >> justices are bound by the law. yet, the justices are human and influenced by events in politics. i don't think this is outside the realm of things that could have an impact. >> stewart and john say they will be there on the steps of the u.s. supreme court next month for hearings they hope lead to the end of their long struggle for marriage equality. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. some parents who claim their children racked up hefty bills at the itunes store. in some case children spent $100 on things like in game
5:21 pm
currency with just one click. apple will hand out $5 credits or larger credits or cash if parents show proof of higher bills. a judge is expected to sign off on this deal on friday. wall street stocks rose after the housing market and earnings by macy's. nasdaq was up 13. the s&p rose almost 10 pointes. what will first become the centerpiece of the americas cup will soon become the world's newest international cruise ina ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is here to show us the glamour and also the serious challenges. tom. >> reporter: it was officially dedicated today. we want to give you your very first look inside. the two terminal will host a second century of passenger ships here. the first of which came here 101 years ago. the new san francisco cruise terminal and the two plus acre
5:22 pm
park that will surround it will be a jewel of the bay. >> it has gone worldwide that we have built it here in san francisco. >> the cruise industry keeps growing. >> and so many thousands of people will disembark here and go into the city, spend gobs of money. >> how important is it? one major cruise line has already committed to port one of its ships here all yearlong. because the ship will dock here once every four days, this will be amulet purpose facility. >> 75 of the time it will be enjoyed with 60,000 ware feet with other events. it will be very -- square feet. it will be very exciting. >> it will got only attract cruises from around the nation, but a huge number of northern california yaps, they say >> right here they can get on a ship and go see the world.
5:23 pm
definitely they'll consider stopping here now. >> in new orleans, cruise lines will offer post stays in the city. >> people can go early, spend a couple days, see the city and then get on the cruise ship. >> reporter: now, exactly how much the recent cruise line incidents and accidents will affect business here is unknown. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. trout the bay area a very pleasant warm day today just as our chief meteorologist bill martin told us yesterday at 5:00. >> reporter: yeah. really nice around here. it's february. it really shouldn't be nice. we need rain. we're not going to get rain. clear skies from the most part. looking at a little bit of breeze out on the bay. wannest things you notice, see the bridge. that towered about 720 feet.
5:24 pm
see right below it, that flat line. that is high inversion. seeing sort of a shallow inversion indicating very warm daytime highs. it is winter else where. what's happening out here is flight delays. coo g -- chicago, new york, be prepared for flight struggles. everything is heading north. the yet stream is all north of the california/oregon border. we stay high and dry. not just through tomorrow but for awhile. we don't see rain for a couple weeks, tell you the truth. so what we will be dealing with is some chilly overnight lows. certainly warmer than you'd expect for this time of year. right now 67 in antioch. pushing 70 degrees this time of night in february. it's really very warm. 65 in concord. 63 in napa. it is warm because the air is
5:25 pm
sinking. as it sinks, it compresses. molecules rub together and get warm. highs tomorrow, maybe mid 70s. forecast overnight lows. mid 30s in the north bay. maybe scrape the windshield if you have it this morning. really nice weather. we need the rain but we're not going to get it. this mostly sunny weather stays with us the next couple days. how warm can it get? when i come back, i will have the specific temperature for your neighborhood. then we go to the 5 day forecast looking for rain. see you back here. when we come back, continuing coverage on the breaking news we've been telling you about from santa cruz where two police officers may have been shot. these are live pictures of the scene from news chopper 2.
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a police briefing is underway at the and santa cruz. ktvu's matt keller is there in the area. matt, can you tell us what you found. >> yeah. the spokesperson who is handling media for this crime scene right now told me that
5:29 pm
two santa cruz police officers have been shot. one suspect has been shot. we were told that these happened at two different shooting scenes. one was at a house and the second scene was on doyle. there is a whole foods market in that area with an apartment complex across the street. i was told the whole foods did close down. the first shooting took place at the apartment complex across the street from the whole foods. i am told several people with the district attorney's office are on the scene. we do not have confirmation on the extent of the injuries to the officers and the suspect. this is obviously a major crime scene. we have deputies from the santa cruz county sheriff's office as well. i was told that the chp is going to be dealing with the media. they were the first to give us a quick update on the actual
5:30 pm
shootings itself. again, told us that two santa cruz police officers have been shot and one suspect has been shot as well. we will continue to update you with the latest right here on ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> matt, i know they're not saying the condition of the people shot, but the coroner's van is there. are you getting the sense that the injuries are pretty serious? >> reporter: yes. i actually spoke with someone inside the santa cruz police department very high up. the tone in his voice, obviously giving the control of the media at this point to another jurisdiction would say there is some type of personal feelings that are going on in the santa cruz police department that they do not want to deal with the media because of the seriousness of. this we got confirmation that two police officers are shot. that's obviously very serious. we still do not know whether or not the extent of their injuries or if they have
5:31 pm
succumb to those injuries. >> matt, you're reporting for us. we're able to show live news chopper 2 pictures. we have seen a lot of police presence. are you able to piece together the connection between these two scenes? what exactly happened that led up to these two crime scenes and what we believe three people shot? >> well, these crime scenes are close together. just as we talked with people here on the scene, the idea that one suspect, the shooting happened and the suspects ran off and the shooting continues. another thing we're hearing is police officers, they have businesses, apartment complexes, like i said. you have grocery stores. police officers are actually going door to door to make sure the suspects are still not in this quarantined off area. it is a large area that is roped off to people who live in
5:32 pm
the area. there is a big crowd here. i know the concern is that the suspects may be watching television and being able to see police officers' actions. specific actions they are taking, i am choosing not to report it because that could put them in danger at this point. they are taking action to try to find at least one outstanding suspect. >> matt, any clue very quickly, what that person is wanted for? what they were originally after these suspects for? >> reporter: no. the briefing was very brief. it was just an update on the shooting. two officers shot. we just arrived on the scene. the first person i talked to, the chp spokesperson. we are going to start talking
5:33 pm
to some of the people and get information passed to you. >> matt keller on the phone. we will let him go. as soon as he gets more information we will bring it to you right here on ktvu channel 2 news. three people shot in santa cruz. believes to be two santa cruz police officers and one suspect. we will have more after a short break.
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5:35 pm
this is a crisis center that serves food to thousands every year and those people deponent handouts. but if all of those threatened budget cuts happen on friday, there could be some very real consequences. and that's not the only example we found today.
5:36 pm
ktvu's john sasaki continues our coverage life from concord. john. >> reporter: frank, some 100 families are coming here through 7:00 p.m. to pick up the food. just like the bread that they need to get through the week. it is food that if the sexually sequester hits on friday would be severely cut back -- sequester hits would be severely cut back. there is major concern because of the sequester. 4.5million possible cuts in cuts for seniors. >> that means we might not be able to give out as much food in the past.
5:37 pm
>> people like this and his grandson also depend on it. >> we don't have enough income. that's why we came here. >> what would you do without this. >> it is run by stand for families free of violence which also has a great need. >> cut the funding today and for the next decade it is really going to have an impact on future generations who will grow up in this same cycle. >> sequestration could mean to state loses $800,000 for services like this. >> literally it could be a matter of death. if i don't have a place thrive, i'm not going to fill -- to live, i'm not going to feel as strong as i do today. >> they said even if they saw no direct cuts, cuts in other areas could cause a domino effect. i am john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. the price tag was $80
5:38 pm
million. the result, a computer system designed to deliver paychecks to state employees. but that system got it wrong. one out of every three times it was wrong. now the state controller is threatening a lawsuit. in tonight's special report ktvu's ken pritchett tells us why the state is sticking with computers that were installed during the 70s. >> take it back to the 1970s. jerry brown is governor of a state that has installed something brand new and novel, a computer to handle california's payroll system. today, brown is still governor and that same 1970s computer system is still printing paychecks for 240,000 state workers. >> it is beyond satisfying. there were so many errors. >> but roper with the state controllers office is not talking about the 40-year-old computer system but instead the new payroll computer system
5:39 pm
installed by the mega company sap. >> one in three checks had errors. we had employees being paid too much, some too little. >> roper says if addition child support payments were not held in checks and insurance coverage, not paid. so par california has paid $50 million of the $80,348 contract to sap to install the payroll software. >> they have billed us for an addition mall $7 million that we have not paid and we are with holding. >> state controller canceled the contract with sap this month and says he wants the state's money back. germany basedsp did not respond to our request for -- sap did not respond but says they are disappointed with the controller's actions. the controller's office says a lawsuit is possible. >> good luck on the lawsuit. [laughter] >> phil paisley says they had a
5:40 pm
painful experience when they tried to upgrade with sap software installed by a different company. the loss of about 35 million taxpayer dollars. >> these system pail yours are all over -- failures are not unique to california. >> reporter: they are looking into if these information technology contracts worth tens of millions of dollars should be awarded to the lowest bidder or if there is a better way. >> fortunately the paycheck problem did not impact the entire work force. it was tested first own a much smaller group. >> it was here where we only have 1300 employees. >> employees happy to have their checks once again being spit out by that 70s computer as the state looks for another upgrade. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> since 2005 or state has spent an addition mall $254 million to upgrade the new
5:41 pm
computers. a ground breaking new device for breast cancer patients. >> kind of gave me back a little bit of control and choice. >> learn how it works and why some women say it's giving them more confidence. also, new information tonight on that meteor that exploded overseas. where scientists now say it came from.
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5:44 pm
with only who days left of pope benedict's reign we are getting information about what the future holds for him after he leaves. the cope will keep the name ben nick 16th and still addressed as his holiness once he retires. after he resigns he will no longer use the symbol of the pope. it will be destroyed along with benedict's seal after his departure. now, we also know that he will wear a very simple write robe without the customary red mantle. finally, his holiness is no longer going to be wearing red shoes. he will be trading these red shoes in for a pair of these brown shoes he received during a trip in mexico last year. scientists in columbia have been closely examining the meteor and data. now they think they know where
5:45 pm
it came from. researchers have concluded that it was a chunk of rock from ancistroid. they say apollo -- asteroid. scientists say large apollos are significant risk to our planet and what happened 11 days ago was like a warning shot. skin before a breast implant. why this new bay area-developed device may revolutionize it. low 70s today. it will be warmer tomorrow. i'll show you which cities will be the warmest and how warm it's going to be as we head toward the end of the week.
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
bay area doctors are enrolling patients in a clinical new trial they say will revolutionize breast cancer development. >> reporter: doctors tell me it promises faster return after breast surgery. patients say they gained control over their bodies and time. >> this 60-year-old had a double mastectomy just four days ago. doctors discovered a tumor. >> the gene was in my family. it was time to make a more dramatic decision. >> before a woman can have a reinstructive implant, her skin needs to stretch and doctors say that can be painful. >> some women dread this
5:49 pm
process in talking to their friends who have gone through similar things. they're scared of tissue expansion. >> the doctor is pioneering a still experimental device from a bay area company. it is implanted flat and a remote lets patients control releases of co 2 from a small canister rather than doctors' saline injections. >> not having to inflict pain, introduce needles, the risk of infection. >> marcy burns uses it on both breasts and says without concern for doctors visits she travel 80 and she decided how big how fast. >> kind of gave me back a little bit of control and little bit of choice. i never thought i was going to use the word pretty in this whole experience. the reconstruction was wonderful. the expanders were a lovely shape and looked very natural. >> reporter: results from the clinical trial show faster, less painful exings pangs. less costly doctor visit --
5:50 pm
expansion. doctors are now looking for more patients. if you're interested, click on web links on our website. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is really something. let's talk now about our weather. it's really something when you see the pictures of the snow and whatnot. 70degrees. what more could you ask for. >> yeah. some places warmer tomorrow. east coast, live storm tracker. you will see the greens, the flight delays, the snow, the ice. as you look to the left side of the map, you see us. in a pat and is more reminiscent of what you might see in april, perhaps, we do have wind. that is typical for spring. strong winds gusting to 22 miles an hour at san francisco airport. winds are westerly. highs, 73 in napa. 69 in fairfield. it will be warmer tomorrow in
5:51 pm
your neighborhood. could see some mid 70s tomorrow in the warmest spots. really a nice pattern. down side is you do worry about the blossoming trees. some of the plants are coming up early. we're going to get a freeze again. if you're a gardener, it can really mess with the plant schedule. we stay warm and dry. what we're going to be dealing with are overnight lows. mid 30s. not freezing. cold mornings out there. daytime highs that are going to continue to trend upward as we head into your bay area friday. saturday will cool down a bit. as we go into thursday and friday, temperatures will continue in the upward trend. 74 in antioch tomorrow. 74 in brantwood. 75 in napa. if you dropped me down and blindfolded me i would look at this and say it was april 10th. i build n't think february.
5:52 pm
usual usual weather. averages still 80%. something has to light up here pretty soon because we cannot continue like this after that record dry january. coming up on a record dry february. almost hoping march will bring something more. >> so if march doesn't happen the way we need it to, then we start getting real nervous. >> reporter: we're in trouble, yes. >> thanks. we are approaching the final hours before a reporting legend here at ktvu retires tomorrow. we're not the only ones who are going to miss her. how about this. ed to the city of oakland declared this is rita williams day in oakland. rita was her usual humble self when she was presented with the award. when she began ktvu 35 years ago, she was one of the first female reporters in the bay area. tomorrow, here at 5:00, we're going to talk to rita and look back at some of her most memorable stories over the years. she has covered just about everything and done a great job
5:53 pm
in the process. a hot bed for drug use, a hot bay park. >> i don't even bring my kids over there. how authorities are cracking down on a growing problem. and, when we come back we continue our coverage of the break news happening in santa cruz. we understand two police officers have been shot. a third suspect shot as well.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
back to breaking news. the chp just finished a briefing in santa cruz. we first reported at the beginning of the muse cast. three people have been shot. thousand we know it is two police officers and a suspect. we also know there was a coroner's van at the scene, but we do not know the three people who were shot. police were responding to the first location. while they were at that home, autobahn fight broke out. plus, on doyle street, the fbi santa cruz county sheriff's department are all 84ening with the investigation. -- helping with the
5:57 pm
investigation. we will have more coverage coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. somewhere parents are afraid and police are cracking down. >> you'll see kids playing and you know bad things are going
5:58 pm
on. >> i want to make sure we are visiting our city parks. i want people to visit them without fear that they will run across drug paraphernalia. >> they are working with two others where they are also experiencing problems. a new you teen video designed to inspire -- youtube video designed to inpyre. >> you need to be determined. 1. >> the film features high-tech
5:59 pm
personalities. one suspect has been shot. police are giving us an update. we will tell you what they have to say in just a minute. also, a student in a fire storm debate on campus. the real life lesson in race relations going on at san jose state.

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